Catered Foods on Display! Catered Foods on Display! Setting up a luncheon 129600178 A early morning gathering We made ham biscuits, scones, and had fruit. Coffee was French Roast and Espresso Roast. What could be better for a cold morning with friends! 129600179 50th Anniversary Party Bites 129600180 Shrimp Platter!! 129600181 Stuffed Mushrooms 129600182 Salad Cones! 129600183 Cajun Chicken Pasta and Bread Sticks This is a favorite!! 129600184 Handley Cater 129600186 Mini Cupcakes at the Kelly Wedding 129600188 Mini Cheesecake stacked on Crystal 129600189 Tiered Plates with fruit 129600190 The Kelly Wedding in Atlanta 129600191 Stuffed New Potatoes with Asiago Cheese 129600192 Handley High School Event 129600193 Bread Bowl with Veggie Skewers This was designed by the inspiration on Mollie Battle Heard! Love you Mollie! Enjoy! 129600194 Miles and miles of chicken salad sandwiches!!! 183967045